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Øyvind Torvund

Tune Park

Performed at the BMIC Cutting Edge 2006 by Plus-Minus.

Øyvind Torvund
Stian Andersen

Bath Spa

7:30pm Thursday 21 May 2009
Bath Spa University

Afternoon workshops with Bath Spa composition students will be followed by a public concert including student pieces.

Joanna Bailie • On and Off
Øyvind Torvund • Tune Park
Thomas Meadowcroft • A Vanity Press
Peter Ablinger • Voices and Piano

TRANSIT Festival

11:00am Saturday 27 October 2007
TRANSIT Festival
Leuven, Belgium

Øyvind Torvund • Tune Park
Joanna Bailie • On and Off
Stefan Van Eycken • A feeling of Something Happening
Thomas Meadowcroft • A Vanity Press
Damien Ricketson • Same Steps [wp]

Ultima Festival 2

Plus Minus / Asamisimasa joint concert

Tuesday 9 October 2007
Ultima Festival
Oslo, Norway

Louis Andriessen • Workers Union
Øyvind Torvund • Tune Park
Cornelius Cardew • Treatise

Composition Kit

12:30pm Thursday 1 March 2007
Royal Academy of Music
Piano Gallery, York Gate Collections
Marylebone Road, London

Michael Finnissy • Seterjentens Fridag
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition #7
Adam Yee • Scenes 2 and 4 from Cannibal Pearce
Damien Ricketson • Porfyrius Shuffle
Øyvind Torvund • Tune Park

BMIC Cutting Edge 2006

7:30pm Thursday 30 November 2006
BMIC Cutting Edge Series
The Warehouse, London

Øyvind Torvund • Tune park (2006)
Chris Dench • Rushes (1979/1996)
Robert Ashley/Alex Waterman • In Memorium Esteban Gomez (1963)
Joanna Bailie • Double (2006)
Richard Barrett • _ Lost_ (2004)
Cornelius Cardew • Treatise (1963-1967)

This performance was part of the BMIC Cutting Edge 2006 and was recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 3.