Recordings released on CD

Tim Parkinson

Piano Trio 2020 (2022)

Released on bandcamp. Piano Trio 2020 (violin, cello, piano) in 25 movements. Mira Benjamin, violin; Alice Purton, cello; Mark Knoop, piano.

Recorded and mastered by Newton Armstrong, produced by Mark Knoop.

Bryn Harrison

Time Becoming (2021)

Released on Neu Records together with a new work for large ensemble commissioned and performed by Ensemble Contrechamps. Both works were recorded in surround sound in the Zaragoza auditorium in 2019.

  • repetitions in extended time (2007) Plus-Minus Ensemble
  • How Things Come Together (2019) Ensemble Contrechamps

Performed by Roderick Chadwick, Vicky Wright, Aisha Orazbayeva, Séverine Ballon, Tom Pauwels and Mark Knoop.

Bryn Harrison

Newton Armstrong

The way to go out (2020)

Released on another timbre, with Plus Minus Ensemble and Séverine Ballon, cello.

  • Thread-surface
  • A line alongside itself
  • The way to go out

Cassandra Miller

Songs about singing (2019)

Released on all that dust, featuring Juliet Fraser, soprano.

  • Bel Canto
  • Traveller Song
  • Tracery : Hardanger
  • Tracery : Lazy Rocking
Cassandra Miller

Joanna Bailie

Artificial Environments (2019)

Released on NMC Recordings.

  • Symphony-Street-Souvenir
  • Trains
  • Artificial Environments Nos. 1-5
  • Artificial Environment No. 8
Joanna Bailie

James Weeks

Signs of Occupation (2016)

Released on Metier.

  • Looping Busker Music
  • Three Trios
  • Signs of Occupation
  • Digger
  • common ground
James Weeks

Alex Hills

The Music of Making Strange (2013)

Released on Carrier Records.

  • After and Before
  • Knight’s Move
  • Some States Can Be Resolved Rhythmically
  • -verse
  • Alles (comp. F.J. Haydn, Jello Biafra, Nico)
  • Ostranenie
Alex Hills