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Matthew Shlomowitz

Director, composer, auxiliary instruments

Matthew Shlomowitz is a composer of concert music and performance pieces. He has three ongoing projects: Popular Contexts, a series combining recordings of recognisable real world sound with instrumental music; Letter Pieces, which combine physical actions, music and text; and Lectures about Music, a series of lecture-pieces addressing ideas such as aesthetic judgement and emotional responses to music. He is Associate Professor in Composition at University of Southampton.

Matthew Shlomowitz
Dimitri Djuric

Inferner Park

7:30pm Sunday 30 June 2023
Cafe Oto

Thomas Stiegler • Inferner Park
Matthew Shlomowitz • Explorations in Polytonality and Other Musical Wonders, Volume 2
Jasper Vanpaemel • ABC for three small slideflutes
Galina Ustvolskaya • Sonata for Violin and Piano

Flanders State of the Art

Plus-Minus Ensemble musicians Mira Benjamin and Mark Knoop present works for violin and piano, and are joined by Flemish recorder trio Apsara performing Matthew Shlomowitz and Jasper Vanpaemel.

More information about this event here.

Inferner Park
Elmar Valter

Open Music

8:00pm Saturday 10 December 2022
Schützgasse 16

Matthew Shlomowitz • Lecture about Listening to Music
Simon Steen Andersen • Difficulties Putting it into Practice
Sarah Nemtsov • Drummed Variation
Steven Kazuo Takasugi • Strange Autumn

Open Music
Andy Catlin

Dialogues Festival 2

7:00pm Wednesday 7 July 2021
Reid Concert Hall
Edinburgh College of Art

Featuring Mamoru Iriguchi. The concert will be live-streamed on YouTube.

Matthew Shlomowitz • Lecture about Bad Music

Dialogues Festival 2
Dimitri Djuric

Lecture About Bad Music

Monday 29 July 2019
UK Society for Music Analysis
Turner Sims

Heinrich Biber • Passacaglia
Domenico Scarlatti • Sonatas K519, K380 and K159
Matthew Shlomowitz • Lecture About Bad Music

Cafe Oto

Plus-Minus and Juliet Fraser

8:00pm Thursday 18 May 2017
Cafe Oto
18-22 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL

Matthew Shlomowitz • Popular Contexts, Volume 6
Bernhard Lang • The Cold Trip, part 2
Marko Ciciliani • Black Horizon

Plus-Minus Ensemble and guest soprano Juliet Fraser present three recent works. Matthew Shlomowitz’s Popular Contexts series combines recognisable real-world recorded sound with live instrumental music. In Volume 6, with recordings of both the world and the world of music, the sampler joins vibes and kit to expand the sonic and conceptual horizons of a jazz-pop trio. The Cold Trip is part of Bernhard Lang’s ongoing Monadologies cycle, which presents ‘meta-compositions’ based on well-known scores from music history. Part 2, for voice, piano and laptop, deals with the second half of Winterreise, creating palimpsests of Schubert’s original textures. Marko Ciciliani’s Black Horizon was inspired by trips the composer made to the western deserts of the USA. Ciciliani treats the electric guitars as resonant spaces, subdividing the strings to transform each one into a virtual instrument with its own acoustic properties.

Bernhard Lang’s The Cold Trip, part 2 was commissioned by Arts Council England, Berliner Festspiele with support from the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Hinrichsen Foundation, with development by the PRS Foundation For Music.


7:30pm Monday 14 March 2016
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Schaperstraße 24
10719 Berlin Wilmersdorf

Concert 1 • 19:30

Joanna Bailie • Artificial Environment No.8
Joanna Bailie • Artificial Environments Nos.1-5

Concert 2 • 20:30

Matthew Shlomowitz • Lecture about Bad Music

Concert 3 • 22:00

Simon Løffler • b
Johannes Kreidler • Charts Music
Natacha Diels • 2.5 Nightmares for Jessie
Alexander Schubert • Sensate Focus

Camille Blake


8:00pm Tuesday 2 February 2016
Fundación BBVA Plaza de San Nicolás, 4.

Matthew Shlomowitz • Fast Medium Swing
Aldo Clementi • Madrigale
José M. Sánchez-Verdú • Tres Caprichos
Bernhard Lang • DW23: …Loops for Dr. X
James Tenney • Critical Band

Kammer Klang 2015

8:00pm Tuesday 3 November 2015
Kammer Klang
Cafe Oto
18-22 Ashwin Street, London

Matthew Shlomowitz • Lecture About Bad Music

Southampton University

1:00pm Monday 2 November 2015
Turner Sims Concert Hall
Southampton University

Matthew Shlomowitz • Lecture About Bad Music
Ben Jameson • Construction in Metal

Ultima Festival 2015

5:00pm Friday 11 September 2015
Den Norske Opera & Ballet
Kirsten Flagstads Plass 1

Ensemble Plus-Minus presents a concert of two genre-stretching pieces especially written for the group. Matthew Shlomowitz’s Lecture About Bad Music (2015), drawing on scholarship from a range of fields and employing musical demonstrations and recreations of psychological experiments, asks us to consider if a piece of music can be inherently bad, or whether such judgements are purely subjective. Alexander Schubert’s Sensate Focus (2014) on the other hand, is concerned with the interplay between sound and image, and adds light as a fifth performer to a quartet of musicians. Using strobing effects, Schubert explores issues of sampling and sensorial experience in both the audio and visual domains, and our ability to form continuities from discrete objects.

Matthew Shlomowitz • Lecture About Bad Music [wp]
Alexander Schubert • Sensate Focus

Ultima Festival 2015
Camille Blake

Reinholdtsen/Beckett at the ICA

Wednesday 18 November 2009
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall, London

Plus-Minus and Kämmer Klang co-present an event featuring composer Trond Reinholdtsen and visual artist James Beckett, in a night featuring motorcross trophies, travel sounds, rabbits, power point presentations and microtonal music.

James Beckett • Trophies

19:30, Theatre

Kämmer Klang / Plus Minus perform:

Iannis Xenakis • Charisma
Trond Reinholdtsen • Concert Music Piece
Alex Hills • Some states can be resolved rhythmically
Matthew Shlomowitz • Fast Medium Swing


20:45, Theatre

Kämmer Klang / Plus Minus perform:

Giancinto Scelsi • Duo
Larry Polansky • Ensembles Of Note
Trond Reinholdtsen • 13 Music Theatre Pieces

James Beckett • Rabbit to Score