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Rational Rec at the Spitalfields Festival

A night at the music hall

Saturday 7 June 2008
Wilton’s Music Hall
Graces Alley, off Ensign Street
London E1 8JB

Trond Reinholdtsen • 13 Music Theatre Pieces
Michael Finnissy • dust
Diana Burrell • One-Man Band
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition No 3
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition No 7
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition No 8
Christopher Fox • You, Us, Me (Habañera)

This concert was recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Christopher Fox

6:30pm Friday 15 June 2007
National Portrait Gallery
St Martin’s Place, London

Christopher Fox • Everything You Need To Know
An installation for ensemble and voices

Borealis Festival

9:00pm Friday 16 March 2007
Borealis Festival
Bergen, Norway

Bryn Harrison • Rise
Joanna Bailie • Double
Trond Reinholdtsen • Music as Emotion


Tim Parkinson • Two Cardboard Boxes
Laurence Crane • Sparling
Laurence Crane • Cello Piece for Michael Parsons
Richard Barrett • Lost
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition #4
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition #7

Composition Kit

12:30pm Thursday 1 March 2007
Royal Academy of Music
Piano Gallery, York Gate Collections
Marylebone Road, London

Michael Finnissy • Seterjentens Fridag
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition #7
Adam Yee • Scenes 2 and 4 from Cannibal Pearce
Damien Ricketson • Porfyrius Shuffle
Øyvind Torvund • Tune Park

Rational Rec – Artquest 5th Birthday

Tuesday 5 December 2006
Rational Rec
Artquest 5th birthday celebration
The Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
44 Pollard Row
London E2 6NB, UK

Laurence Crane • Cello Piece for Michael Parsons
Robert Ashley/Alex Waterman • In Memorium Esteban Gomez
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition #7
Matthew Shlomowitz • Slow Flipping Harmony
John Cage • Five