Games and Songs

10:30pm Saturday 24 February 2024
Centro Cultural de Belém, Black Box

Bernhard Lang • Game 542
Liza Lim • Inguz
Davíð Brynjar Franzson • Ideation #2.1
Francesca Fargion • 8 Songs
Laurence Crane • Riis

Plus Minus Ensemble, with Francesca Fargion, voice.

A diverse programme, inviting the listener into contact with the material nature of sound. Bernhard Lang’s Game 542 creates a dynamic and reactive environment for the performers who negotiate an overlapping stack of interacting loops. Liza Lim’s duo is titled after the Viking Rune symbolizing fertility and imagines a ritualistic creation of sound itself.

Davíð Brynjar Franzson’s time-stretching work slows down the body and mind to draw one into the grain of sound. The instruments meld with each other, fusing into a single pulsating entity, and creating a hypnotic experience. The witty and playful 8 Songs by composer/performer Francesca Fargion are joyfully observant of everyday scenarios.

The concert ends with Laurence Crane’s tribute to Danish road cyclist Bjarne Riis, as slow changing organ chords trigger gentle responses from clarinet and cello.

Games and Songs
Chris Scott, courtesy Fruitmarket