Performances and events in 2017

Tzlil Meudcan 2017

8:00pm Monday 17 July 2017
HaTeiva, Jaffa

Marko Ciciliani • Black Horizon
James Saunders • Everybody Do This
Sarah Nemtsov • Drummed Variation
Avshalom Ariel • Ish Authenti [wp]


7:30pm Friday 30 June 2017
Guildhall School of Music & Drama
Silk Street, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DT

Following a workshop, Plus-Minus will present pieces by Guildhall postgraduate composition students in an evening concert.

Klang Festival

8:00pm Monday 29 May 2017
Blågårdsplads 6A

Simon Steen Andersen • Mono
Morten Ladehoff • Introduktion und Motoren
Joanna Bailie • Artificial Environments Nos.1-5
Laurence Crane • Octet
Cassandra Miller • Traveller Song

Cafe Oto

Plus-Minus and Juliet Fraser

8:00pm Thursday 18 May 2017
Cafe Oto
18-22 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL

Matthew Shlomowitz • Popular Contexts, Volume 6
Bernhard Lang • The Cold Trip, part 2
Marko Ciciliani • Black Horizon

Plus-Minus Ensemble and guest soprano Juliet Fraser present three recent works. Matthew Shlomowitz’s Popular Contexts series combines recognisable real-world recorded sound with live instrumental music. In Volume 6, with recordings of both the world and the world of music, the sampler joins vibes and kit to expand the sonic and conceptual horizons of a jazz-pop trio. The Cold Trip is part of Bernhard Lang’s ongoing Monadologies cycle, which presents ‘meta-compositions’ based on well-known scores from music history. Part 2, for voice, piano and laptop, deals with the second half of Winterreise, creating palimpsests of Schubert’s original textures. Marko Ciciliani’s Black Horizon was inspired by trips the composer made to the western deserts of the USA. Ciciliani treats the electric guitars as resonant spaces, subdividing the strings to transform each one into a virtual instrument with its own acoustic properties.

Bernhard Lang’s The Cold Trip, part 2 was commissioned by Arts Council England, Berliner Festspiele with support from the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Hinrichsen Foundation, with development by the PRS Foundation For Music.

Open Ear with BBC Radio 3

7:30pm Thursday 2 March 2017
St John-at Hackney
Lower Clapton Rd
London E5 0PD

Joanna Bailie • Artificial Environments Nos.1-5
Carola Bauckholt • Hirn und Ei
Carola Bauckholt • Geräuschtöne

Kammer Klang

8:30pm Tuesday 7 February 2017
Kammer Klang
Cafe Oto
18-22 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL

Plus-Minus is pleased to present the world premiere of a new piece by Cassandra Miller commissioned by the group with the help of the Canada Council for the Arts. The evening also features a new piece by Miller for soprano Juliet Fraser and a set by sound artist Christine Sum Kim.

Cassandra Miller • Traveller Song [wp]