Huddersfield University

7:30am Thursday 10 March 2011
Huddersfield University Concert Series
St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield

Plus Minus presents Dikhthas and Evryali by Xenakis, works by Simon Steen-Andersen, Peter Ablinger and two pieces written especially for the group by Huddersfield postgraduate composers. On Wednesday the 9th of March the group will hold a workshop with Huddersfield student composers.

Iannis Xenakis • Dikhthas
Matthew Sergeant • veils [wp]
Philip Glass • Music in Contrary Motion
Iannis Xenakis • Evryali
Colin Tucker • the indifferent horizon apathetically rests on the ground, devouring everything that looks like something [wp]
Peter Ablinger • Amtssee bei Regen