Rational Rec

Bandrom Bethnal Green

Tuesday 3 April 2007
The Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
44 Pollard Row
London E2 6NB

The Bandrom project combines many elements in creating a multi-disciplinary performance event with a polyphony of independent concerts, slide-shows, installations and music situations. The event may be on one night or over several days, and in each version there is a new set-up that relates to the place and context.

Borrowing from folk traditions and the notion of an a oral-tradition, one of the main themes is to explore the idea of imperfect reproduction. The audience is invited to hear musicians teaching each other compositions by ear. Visual artists work in a similar way by making recreations of projected images (e.g. graffiti, doodle drawings) in new medias and genres (e.g. tattoos or comics) as gifts for the audience.

Visual artists : Penny Sadubin, Tim Rushby-Smith, Tanya Mlcek, Galen Wainwright and the drawings of Canadian artist Marc Bell.

Musicians : Plus Minus, Kjel Tore Innervik, Håkon Stene, Tim Parkinson, Jennifer Allum, Adam De la Cour, Joakim Munker, Steve Beresford and Dom Lash.

This event was supported by Fond for lyd og bilde, INTRO, Rikskonsertene, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NKF and Norsk Musikkfond.