Durham University lunchtime concert

1:10pm Thursday 11 March 2010
Durham University lunchtime concert

Mariam RezaeiNew Work [wp]
Peter AblingerVoices and Piano
Laurence CraneRiis
Iannis XanakisEvryali
Damien RicketsonSame Steps


Monday 12 April 2010
Kings Place
90 York Way

Iannis XenakisDikhthas
Rebecca SaundersVermilion
Iannis XenakisEvryali
Bryn HarrisonRepetitions in Extended Time

Spor Festival 2010

19.30 Friday 7 May 2010
Spor Festival 2010
Ablinger/Reinholdtsen Double Portrait
Granhøj, Aarhus, Denmark

Peter Ablinger Instrumente und Rauschen
Trond ReinholdtsenConcert Music Piece
Peter Ablinger 1-127
Trond Reinholdtsen13 Music Theatre Pieces


September 20 2010
Kings Place, London

Karlheinz Stockhausen Mantra
Newton ArmstrongStudy in tiled light [wp]

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2010

4pm Friday 26 November 2010
HCMF 2010

A Plus Minus double-portrait concert featuring two of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music: Peter Ablinger and Trond Reinholdtsen. Expect white noise, power-point, conceptual music theatre and some famous voices presented in a way you might never have anticipated.

Peter AblingerInstrumente und Rauschen
Trond Reinholdtsen Concert Music Piece
Peter AblingerVoices and Piano
Trond Reinholdtsen13 Music Theatre Pieces